Life on the Road

As a member of rock band, Indus Creed (formerly known as Rock Machine) from its earliest days (1985), I’ve worn many “hats”.  (Keyboard player, Song-writer, Producer & band accountant for a brief period…untill they found out…)

Together we’ve toured many a country, recorded three albums, produced four videos and demolished three thousand four hundred and thirty two bottles of whiskey…but who’s counting….

Miffed at the state of affairs with Indian rock in general, the band called it quits in 1999 with various members relocating to exotic locales such as New Zealand, New York & New Bombay.

When the band’s lead singer Uday Benegal relocated from New York to Bombay in 2009, the seeds were sown for a reunion.

In October 2010, the newly formed Indus Creed with three original members (yours truly being one of them)  and two new young guns played their first concert after a ten year break to a packed and pretty hysterical audience at Bombay’s Hard Rock Café.

Since then Indus Creed is back on the road, actively touring all over,  and has recently released their fourth album, EVOLVE.

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A brief biography:


Formed in 1984 and then known as Rock Machine.

Performed concerts in 28 cities in India, have represented the country at the Festival of India in the USSR where Indus Creed performed concerts in 4 cities, have toured the United Kingdom and performed with rock groups “Europe” & “Bon Jovi” to 40,000 people in Bombay.

In 1996 MTV flew down Guns & Roses guitar player “Slash” to perform live on stage with Indus Creed in Bangalore.


Indus Creed’s debut album “Rock ‘n’ Roll Renegade”  (CBS) was the largest selling rock album in the country.

Their second album “The Second Coming” has also been extremely successful.

Their third album, self titled “Indus Creed”, was recorded  in Los Angeles in  1994 and was released worldwide by BMG – Crescendo.

Indus Creed were the first Indian artistes to appear on MTV with our video “Rock ‘n’ Roll Renegade” .

Indus Creed’s next video “Top of the Rock” received extensive airplay and was on the MTV Asian “Top Twenty” for 5 weeks.

The third video “Pretty Child”  was also on the MTV Asian charts for 6 weeks.

In September 1993  “Pretty Child” won MTV’s Video Music Award – Asian Viewer’s Choice in   Los Angeles.

The band’s fourth video “Trapped”  entered the Asian Top 20 on Channel V (one of Asia’s most popular music channels) and was nominated by  Channel V for the Billboard Viewers’ Choice Award and by MTV for its Asian Viewer’s Choice Award .

Indus Creed’s fifth video “Sleep” aired on Channel V and MTV where it spent a number of weeks on the Asian Top 20. 

It was nominated by MTV for its Video Music Awards – Indian Viewers Choice for 1996.

—  In 1998 Indus Creed was awarded Channel V’s “Best Indian Band Award”.

  MTV has produced a “Rockumentary” on Indus Creed, the first for a non – western act.

  Indus Creed has been featured on numerous programs on Doordarshan,  India’s TV network.

  The press in India has extensively covered Indus Creed’s activities over the years and articles on the band have appeared in almost every leading magazine and newspaper in India.

Indus Creed has also been interviewed by the New York Times, BBC , Time magazine, Esquire, Musical Express (Japan), TV Asia, Star Plus, and radio stations in India, South East Asia, Europe and the Gulf.